PAL Served Filipino Foods For Pope Francis

The Philippine Airlines (PAL) had reported to have served Filipino foods for Pope Francis during his 14-hours flight to Vatican City, and reports said that he liked it!

According to a statement issued by the PAL, crew members first served him arroz caldo, a Filipino food that is cooked with rice porridge along with chicken bits for his snacks. However, the Pontiff said that he wanted to try dinuguan or pork blood stew along with buttered puto (steamed rice cake) after he was told how they are prepared.
The PAL crew members said that the Pontiff liked it so much that he finished the entire serving.

The Pope asked seafood for his entrée, while he picked grilled scallops with fresh spring rolls. He then preferred gambas ajillo on quinoa salad for his dinner.

Known for having a sweet tooth, the Pope enjoyed two flavors of Carmen’s Best ice cream—Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Malted Milk. He also indulged in some crisps, a bag each of Dorito’s Nacho Cheesier tortilla chips and Oishi Natural Sea Salt potato chips, the reports said.

The airlines also gave a chocolate-dipped dried mango from Cebu City and crisp shortbread cookies from Shorts Gourmet to the passengers as a giveaways.

Additional reports said that the airline will save the pillow of Pope Francis during the flight and his zucchetto or skull cap as their souvenirs from the Catholic's highest official.


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