The Department Of Justice has approved the 32-Million tax evasion case against Jeane Napoles, the daughter of the alleged mastermind of the pork barrel scam.

In a phone interview, September 11, prosecutor-general Claro Arellano said the justice department found probable cause to indict Jeane Napoles for her tax liabilities.
Jean Napoles tax
Filipino Apple fans have been asking on the Philippine price of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, both are Apples' flagship model for 2014.

Today, September 10, 2014 (Philippine Time), Steve Jobs' predecessor, Tim Cook, had introduced both models on a heavily attended press conference at Cupertino, California, U.S.A.

This had ended long rumors and numerous supposedly leaked images of the Apples' next smartphone. What's actually revealing about the press conference is that the Apple CEO had revealed two models instead of the usual introduction of the iPhone's next model.
Aside from the iPhone 6, Cook had introduced iPhone 6 Plus, a bigger phone model that is posed to compete on the booming phablet market.

So what's new with the iPhone 6? Let's talk about the specifications.

Bigger Screen. from the 4.5 inches the iPhone 5 has, iPhone 6 now has 4.7 inches to tap with while the iPhone 6 Plus has 5.5 inches.

Retina HD. This is Apples term for their refreshed Retina Display. It has 326ppi with a 1,334x750-pixel resolution. iPhone 6 Plus that has the higher pixel density on its 1080p HD display.

Outside Look and Feel. Experts said that this new model is grippable to your hand with its mostly curved edges and a thinner body.

Measures. Thickness (or thinness) is 0.27-inch, or 6.9-millimeters as officially measured. It weighs in at 4.55 ounces (129 grams).

Internals. Apple boasts iPhone 6's A8 processor, the second 64-bit chipset, Cook said that it has 50 percent faster graphics and a 25 percent faster processing power. Apple rated this new model to last up to 10 hours over 3G and LTE, and up to 11 hours on Wi‑Fi and video.

Pricing and Availability.
USA: 16GB = $199, 64GB = $299, 128GB = $399 (All for 2 years contract)
UK: 16GB = £539, 64GB = £619, 128GB = £699

It is however not yet definite when would it hit the local shore, but close estimate can be known on September 19, 2014 because Hong Kong is one of the countries where these models will be initially launch. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus's prices in Hong Kong should be somewhere near on the actual price should these models become available on the local market.
Senator Miriam Santiago has been really very vocal about her plan on running on the presidential seat on the 2016 national election.

Earlier today, September 10, 2014 - Wednesday, after she walked out from the Senate committee hearing on Commission on Appointment, the lady senator had named her possible running mate on a brief press conference.
Should she recover from her stage 4 lung cancer, the senator had firmly told the media that she will be running as a president of the Philippines and she had already told the press who could be her vice president.

Several names had been mentioned including Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, former Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro or Senator Grace Poe as her possible running-mate.

Who is her first pick?

The fearless senator said she had always wanted Duterte to be her running-mate if ever she runs for president on the 2016 poll.

"Oh, I would love to run with Rudy Duterte whom I have always loved from the very beginning but he himself said he will not run for public office although I don't know if we can change his mind," - she said on the press conference.

She added that the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would become a perfect vice president because the country has two major problems, and that are corruption and peace and order.

Aside from Duterte, Miriam Santiago also noted Grace Poe as a good choice.

"Maybe we can have two women running together, president and vice-president. How about that, ladies? Maybe it's Miriam and Grace. It just sounds like a restaurant," - she laughly said.

"Miriam and Grace sounds so charming," she added.

So, Miriam Santiago for president, anyone voting?
Senator Miriam Santiago updated the media about her lung cancer on a press breifing after she walked out from the Senate committee hearing on Commission on Appointment earlier today, September 10, 2014 - Wednesday.

After answering few questions about her walking out from the senate hearing, press people had ask her about her current condition. It can be recalled that the lady senator had publicly informed the country about her stage 4 lung cancer.
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago said that she has been recovering well from her illness with the help of a wonder pill that she is currently taking.

The lady senator further informed the press people that the eighty percent, 80%, of the tumor on her left lung has been removed after six weeks of medication.

However, the fearless politician revealed that she continues to experience bleeding, muscle pain, depression and even blurred vision.

Notably, in direct contradiction to her previous interview from the time that the cancer was not yet diagnosed on her, she seems that she is now a believer of God.

"My attitude is one of total surrender and resignation to the will of God," - the changed senator said.

However, it looks like her God wasn't as meek as we expect it to be after she said something about the middle finger.

"As for all those jerks in government who are my enemies, I repeat, they are the reason why God created the middle finger," - the senator added.

"Only my body is sick of cancer, not my brain. Unlike other people who have brain cancers and continue to hold public office," - Miriam Santiago added further.

Basketball is indeed one of the favorite sports of Pinoys, if not the favorite - that is. However, with the recent disappointment that Gilas gave to the Filipino fans, maybe it's just about time to reconsider and realign our craze-attitude on this sport.

Before we can see those eyebrows, let's all hand down our defenses as we talk on why Filipino basketball fans should drop off their long-loved sports.
Gilas' recent winless stunts on FIBA Basketball World Cup should be enough for us to realize that Pinoys are not cut for basketball, and here's why.

Face it or not, basketball is a game for tall people, and when we say tall, we really mean tall. It is not enough to learn to just shoot the ball because most of the time, you wouldn't get free throws. Pinoy's are just too short for this game, be realistic.

On every Gilas' fight, Pinoy netizens unite on social media sites with the hashtags #HEART and #PUSO. As much as this could burn desire and spikes motivation for the players, it is just not enough to bring home the bacon, and sadly - it has just been proven. We are pretty sure that all teams all brought enough motivation for the trophy, but hey - wake up, basketball is not about the sukatan ng inspirasyon that your kababayans banked on you.

False hope is one of the most useless and wasteful mentality that one can posses. Gilas' recent thwarted effort surprisingly isn't enough to discourage die-hard fans. "Manalo matalo Gilas pa rin" - one fan said online, someone really needs to grow up.

Isn't it logical that the Philippine team should be represented by true Filipino and not by some just half-blooded foreigner, and worst --- naturalized? And they're like the Azkals who can't even speak our native language. It felt so irritating hearing them on television while they are interviewed by the local press - all talks in English. It's hard to believe that they are a Philippine team, it's so ugly if not disgusting.

Sending Gilas abroad would mean millions (plural) of Philippine pesos. Why not give this to some promising sports that we have equal footing like billiards, chess, boxing, etc. Why waste money to something that has only ten percent chance of winning - max?

Gilas Pilipinas had just win over Senegal with a score of 81-79, thanks to the overtime. "Puso lang talaga" - coach Reyes said on an interview over ABS-CBN, does it mean he agrees on what we are saying?

Just please someone stop this nonsense?

Sexy actress Cristine Reyes is on a hot seat again after the pregnancy rumor about her had just become noisier as days pass by.

It can be recalled that the rumor that she is carrying a child from his non-showbiz boyfriend surfaced last week and the actress had kept mum about it.

The latest and biggest hint that seems to have added to the speculations is when she walk out from the interview after she was asked if she is indeed pregnant.
During the premiere of her comedy film "The Gifted" with Anne Curtis and Sam Milby on Tuesday, Cristine Reyes was asked if the rumor pregnancy is true. The question was not answered by the actress even after she replied on all previous questions about the movie.

When another reporter asked if her non-showbiz boyfriend will come, the kapamilya actress answered "No, excuse me," and quickly left the crowd.

On The Buzz last Sunday, Cristine Reyes revealed that she and her non-showbiz boyfriend had already talked about settling down.

“Hindi pa po [ako engaged], pero may mga plano na po. Hindi ko pa alam, hindi ko pa masasagot 'yan ngayon. Next time na lang,” - the actress said.

On the same interview, Reyes clarified that she is already 25 years old and on the right age to start a family.