The Court of Appeals (CA) temporarily issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on a government order for Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc. to refund subcribers at least P7 billion ($159.63 million*) in alleged excessive charges.

The court granted Digitel's motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against a National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) decision ordering the refund in an August 20, 2014 resolution.
Digitel is another mobile network carrier of Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT) after it acquired 98% of its share on JG Summit Holdings in a series of deal.

However, in leu of the refund, the court had directed Digitel to post a cash bond or surety bond of P500,000.

What's the ground of the court of appeals to issue a temporary restraining order in favor the the telecommunication giant?

The court of appeals said that the temporary stoppage of the refund was granted because Digitel argued that its petition is anchored on whether NTC Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 02-10-2011 is limited only to interconnection charges and excludes retail prices on regular short message service (SMS).

The seven billion pending refund is indeed very surprising especially when consumer all felt that Sun Cellular is the most cheapest mobile network in the country with their super-tipid promos. That is why it is very hard to believe that the court still found an over charging issue against them.

Anyway, if the court's computation is correct for the over charging, as a consumer, hopes that these authorities that are deciding this case would be fair enough to come to a decision that would be reasonable for all parties.

Confirmed reports said that Smart and Globe are also facing the same overcharge issue against their subscribers.
Healthy lifestyle, this is what Chito Miranda is currently doing for her fiance Neri Naig as a preparation for their wedding and for the family that they are planning to create.

The Parokya Ni Edgar lead vocalist told in an interview that he had dramatically changed his lifestyle as a preparation for their marriage.
"Hindi na ako ganoon ka-reckless. Wala na akong mga substance abuse, yung mga sigarilyo... Hindi na ako masyadong umiinom. Medyo minsan, pero healthy lifestyle na kasi magfo-40 na ako in a year or two," - Miranda said.

When asked on the update of their wedding preparations, "Ongoing siya. It's more stressful than planning a birthday party kasi kasal ito eh." - the groom-to-be said.

It can be recalled that the Parokya Ni Edgar frontman made the proposal last May 8, 2014 on Tagaytay City. The video was then uploaded by Miranda himself on May 14, 2014 on video-sharing site

Inspite of a series of controversial videos of the two circulated online, the couple had remain steadfast to each other. True love had kept them together which lead on the proposal. wishes the two the best of luck, and may they create a happy family in the future.
Actress Dawn Zulueta confirmed that Bamboo Manalac is not her brother. The film-television actress, host and commercial model posted on her twitter account (@DawnZpost) her official statement regarding the long-rumored speculation.

The siblings-issue had been circulating online for quite some time now. It can even seen on many forums and question-and-answer websites that testify that the two are indeed brother and sister.
Dawn Zulueta however ended all rumors on her statement released yesterday, August 21, 2014.

Here is the excerpt of the actress's statement:

Re: Dawn Zulueta & Bamboo Manalac are siblings?
I can keep silent no longer. This was a persistent rumor that I didn't pay much
attention to before. But now it seems to have spiraled into several ‘official’
announcements on social media. Let me first point out that l have high respect for
Mr. Bamboo Manalac and I trust he will understand my sentiments in this matter.
Having said that, I exhort him to submit his own account on this gossip-gone-viral.
as a courtesy.

This sort of tattle is both disconcerting and mortitying to my parents. I would
imagine, for Mr. Mafialac also.

For my part, in respect to my own father and mother. I have decided to issue my

In all due fairness to both my parents, Jose Fazil Tahanlangit-Taleon. and Maria
Cleofe Soleta-Salman. their only children are my brother, George, and I. My father,
Fazil, has remarried and has two sons; the ONLY TWO HALF-BROTHERS I know,
namely Jed and Josiah. Apart from all four of us, both my parents can attest to no
other offsprings.

I implore everyone who has taken part in spreading this wild rumor to please check
and RE-CHECK your sources. And I hope that after this statement I've made, we
can put an end to this confounding tall tale.

Here is the link. and this is only one of the several I've encountered on the net:
[website link here]

Thank you.
Dawn Zulueta
A.K.A. Marie Rachel Salman Taleon-Lagdameo had traced that the news about them being a half-siblings had been on the internet as early as February 2012. The allegations said that Bamboo was raised in the United States and is Dawn Zulueta's half brother.

As of this writing, Bamboo Manalac has yet to release his reaction regarding the issue.
Former real life couple Robin Padilla and Vina Morales will reunite for their upcoming film "Bonifacio."

Bonifacio was scheduled to be their movie entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2014.

It was Vina Morales who broke the news after she shared a photo on her official instagram account.

As expected, Philippine showbiz Bad Boy - Robin Padilla will play the role of Andres Bonifacio and Vina Morales will take the part of Bonifacio's wife Gregoria de Jesus.

Padilla-Morales tandem first debuted on the 1991 film "Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum" which was hugely received by fans. The success of their first movie prompted for its remake, "Miss na Miss Kita: Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum 2" which was released a year after.
"Lahat naman siguro, mai-inlove talaga kay Robin, 'di ba? .. Puppy love talaga 'yung kay Robin," - the actress said on a separate interview.

The latest appearance of the two together was on the special episode of ABS-CBN's Maalala Mo Kaya on three years ago.

Bonifacio will be directed by the award-winning Filipino-American Enzo Williams.
Hunk actor Derek Ramsay is facing charges filed by his wife, Mary Christine Jolly, whom he married twelve years ago.

Republic Act No. 9262, otherwise known as the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act was filed against the Filipino-British actor by his strange wife.

The former Kapamilya actor however denied the accusation of his wife and said that the complaint-affidavit is indeed "replete with deliberate lies and facts intended to be misleading and deceptive."
On a statement he released on Wednesday, the actor admitted that his counsel told him that the accuser is still his wife according to the Philippine law.

“First, that Mary Christine Jolly and I were married in 2002, a marriage that I was then told, was not valid, for various reasons. Atty. Joji Alonso has subsequently explained to me that the information given me about the status of my marriage, is erroneous and that a marriage unless annulled, remains to be valid,” - the actor said on an interview.

With this, Ramsay confirmed his eleven years old son from Jolly. It can be recalled that the actor first introduced his son to the press on August 2011.

“Since then, I wanted to know my son first and keep my relationship with him, private. Austin was just an 8-year-old boy then and he would not be able to comprehend the possible media curiosity about him, especially since he was then new to the country and about to pursue his education here. Given the circumstances between Mary and I, which is far from ideal, I had to protect Austin first,” -the actor said.

The 37 years old father said on the same interview that he had already answered the accusations against his person.

“I have nothing further to add. Everything that needs to be said is contained in the Counter Affidavit which I have submitted today,” - the actor added.

There has been a rumor that's circulating online saying that teen actress Kathryn Bernardo and her close friend Miles Ocampo is currently on a rift now.

The speculation surfaced after their followers on their social media accounts had noticed that they haven't been uploading photos of them together like what they have used to.
Kathryn Bernardo however denies the speculation saying that their busy schedules had kept them from their usual meetups.

“Feeling ko kasi, akala lang ng mga tao iyon kasi hindi kami masyado nagkikita. Kasi nga nag-school siya, tapos meron siyang “Home Sweetie Home,” “LUV U.” Busy siya and busy din ako.” - Bernardo said during the press conference of newest endorsement Chic Nail Polish at Holiday Inn, Ortigas on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

“Hindi din kasi ako masyado active. Ngayon I try to be active and nami-misinterpret lang siguro ng mga tao pero wala naman (problem),” - the actress added.

Daniel Padilla's love team said that Miles Ocampo and her are just ignoring the rumors.

“Actually kahit hindi naman namin pag-usapan, nakikita ko naman sa Twitter. Pero hindi naman namin pinapansin kasi alam naman naming hindi totoo,” Kathryn said.
Comedian Ramon Bautista had reacted to the recent declared resolution of Davao City Council of him being a Persona Non Grata on the town due to the "hipon" incident joke.

It can be recalled the Davao City had invited the comedian as their guest on their recent Kadayawan festival which was celebrated last August 16-17, 2014.

During the celebration on Saturday night, the comedian appeared in front of the cheerful crowd and openly shouted "Ang daming hipon dito sa Davao."
As much as the comedian's wants to inject humor during the celebration, it seems like the Davao-enos didn't find it humorous but rather offensive.

"Hipon" is a slang term on the Philippines which basically means ugly women with nice body, something the local found as an inappropriate remarks from anyone, especially if it would came from an outsider.

With that, Bautista went to his twitter account and posted a public apology, embedded below.

City councilor Tomas Monteverde appeared on ANC last Tuesday, August 19, 2014, and explained the city's decision despite Bautista's apology. It is even reported that Davao City officials found the public apology of comedian as "half-baked" and "not sincere."

Davao City has an Anti-Discrimination Ordinance which strictly prohibits all forms of discrimination based on sex, gender, identity, sexual orientation, race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin, and religious affiliations or beliefs. Maximum penalty includes a fine of P5,000 and imprisonment for 15 days.

In reaction of the persona non grata decaration, Ramon Bautista came back on twitter and said that he respects the city council's decision.

"There is a need for us to say to the world that in Davao City, we do not allow people to insult our women," - councilor Monteverde said.

"It will be a good idea for Mr. Bautista to stay away from Davao City for a while. Because we believe he has overstayed his welcome, We cannot allow such abusive behavior in Davao City." - he added.
Anria Galang Espiritu, the rape-slay victim, and his relatives seem to be getting justice after two suspects were arrested in Bulacan.

Superintendent Ophelio Dakila Concina, chief of police in Calumpit, Bulacan, told the press people that at least three suspects were identified as Melvin Ulam, Ramil Diarca and Elmer Joson. Elmer Joson was arrested because he was the jeepney driver which the victim rided the night before she went missing.
Suspicion on Elmer Joson started after Joson visited the victim's wake with his wife, in where the relatives of the victim noticed the scratches and wounds on Elmer Joson's body.

After the couple came back, Joson was immediately arrested and was ordered to take his shirt off. He then told the authorities that the wounds and scratches on his body came from the marital spat he had with his wife.

Superintendent Ophelio Dakila Concina told media that they have recorded fresh wounds on her neck, while other wounds-scratches were also found on other parts of his body.

The lifeless body of Anria Galang Espiritu was fished out in a rice paddy in Barangay Sapang Bayan last Sunday, August 17, 2014. The body was found facing down on Sunday after she went missing for three days.
The Scene-of-the-Crime Operatives (SOCO) team found a screw driver, long iron chain and the victim’s underwear in the vicinity of the crime scene.

This rape-slay case became sensational after thousands of Filipino netizens cried out for justice online for the 26 years old model who died in a tragic incident.

TV5's 'Aksyon Tonite' host, Paolo Bediones, had again grabbed the top trending spot online after his Part 2 scandal video had leaked online. The news trend became sensational overnight after it was shared on social media sites, primarily on facebook and twitter.

The confirmation of the Part 2 video of Paolo Bediones had been confirm about two weeks after his first confirmed scandalous video leaked online.

As of this writing, it can be found that many links have been posted online, but most of these links where fake and would only lead you on different p0rn sites. We have also checked some popular torrent sites and we have found no seeds for the said second video.
However, numerous witnesses have already testified on the existence of the second video and even said that the second video is sixteen minutes long contrary to the first video which only last for about six minutes. Those who have watched the new video also commented that the women on both videos are the same person. Some netizens believed that the new video is the continuation of the first, while some mentioned that this is the prequel of the first video.

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" host, Boy Abunda, had mentioned the rumored part 2 and part 3 of Paolo Bediones's video right after the first video came out.

"Meron pang mga haka-haka ho ngayon, may dalawang video pa diumano na lalabas pa raw na may kinalaman si Paolo Bediones," Abunda said in the show." - Boy Abunda said on the show.

The 40 years old television host, newscaster, and radio announcer had previously sought the help of the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Division to catch the person/s who leaked the first video online and to prevent the further distribution of it online.

It can be recalled that this controversy is the result of an alleged blackmail to the actor based on the text message which was received by the actor and was made public through his official instagram account.

Republic Act 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009, as we mentioned in a previous post about this issue, is the law that prohibits the uploading and distribution of sex videos over the Internet, among other mediums.

Some comments online said that the existence of these scandal videos was a surprise among netizens as many have been questioning the manhood of Paolo. Some rumors also speculated that this is some kind of self inflicted to deny these allegations. But will anyone can really push at this extent?

In the name of decency, cannot provide any link on these videos.

Paolo Bediones had joined the rank of Hayden Koh, Chito Miranda and Wally Bayola for having a scandal video that was feasted by Filipino netizens.