How Know The Weather Anywhere You Are

Sure there are lots of credible websites that would offer your a near-accurate information regarding to the weather and its forecasts for the next days.

However, knowing the weather for the day and for the following days would require numerous typing and mouse clicks to get the information you'll need.

How about if we'll tell you that you can get the basic information like temperature, percent chance of rain and wind speed right exactly where you are by just typing one word?

And we mean about "exactly where you are" is that it can tell these pieces of information up to the barangay level, yes that's how it can be very specific.
Enough introduction and us tell you the little secret.

Actually, what you need to do is type-in the word "weather" on website, and if you're using google chrome, then you can type in directly the word right on the address bar.

Google took these data from, an American media company that provides weather forecast globally.

Can you confirm this? Please give it a try and let see if google and accuweather can tell the weather for your barangay.

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  1. Not working. Shows a list of weather sites.