Andi Eigenmann Met Accident On Set

Actress Andi Eigenmann had fell 15 feet off the ground while doing a movie under Viva Films.

With the accident, the actress was immediately brought to the hospital to test her condition.

Veronique Corpus, the president of Viva Artists Agency, said that various tests was done to the actress to ensure her good health.

It was an unfortunate accident. Viva brought Andi to the hospital for all tests and she was later cleared and discharged. We are all too happy that Andi's well and fine," Corpus said in the statement.
To give you an idea how high 15 feet is, just imagine that the standard height of the basketball ring is just 10 feet, now add half more of that height and you'll have the idea how high Andi Eigenmann fell from. believe that this is no exageration, as serious injuries can occur to anyone falling from this height.

Fortunately, all hospital tests gave negative results and the actress was cleared and discharged.

The actress went on twitter to thank her father whom she believed had saved her from the accident.


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