Jeane Napoles Charged With Tax Evasion Case

The Department Of Justice has approved the 32-Million tax evasion case against Jeane Napoles, the daughter of the alleged mastermind of the pork barrel scam.

In a phone interview, September 11, prosecutor-general Claro Arellano said the justice department found probable cause to indict Jeane Napoles for her tax liabilities.
Jean Napoles tax

According to the facts, Jeane Napoles owns a luxurious apartment in Los Angeles, California, that have known to worth P54.73 million (about $1.2 million) and co-ownership of two farm lots in Pangasinan worth P1.49 million (about $35,000).

The Department Of Justice had approved a 17-million evasion tax evasion case instead of 32-million that was originally indicated on the Bureau of Internal Revenue's (BIR) complaint.

With the approval, the BIR had filed two counts of tax evasion case against the daughter of the 10-billion pork barrel scam mastermind.

It can be recalled that the daughter of Janet Napoles got immediately in a hot seat on the height of the pork barrel scam after she posted several photos that shows her luxurious life abroad.

Below are some of the photos and video of the young Napoles that shows how she enjoys being rich overseas.

First of is the video of her 21'st birthday.

Here is the photo of her on a luxurious car.

Here's another photo of her, web articles said that she is a fashion design student.

Here's another photo of Janet's daughter taking a bath with, you know... money.

According to the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the accused had failed to file her income tax return from 2011 to 2012 that could show her capacity to buy the questioned properties.

The accused's counter affidavit however claimed that these properties that was listed on her name are just gifts.

Inspite of her claim, the DOJ had approved the tax evasion case filed by the BIR because the accused has "no clear and convincing" evidence to prove her claim.

The BIR also noted that her defense is ilogical since she did not pay any gift/donor's taxes for her properties during those years.


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