Cristine Reyes Rumored Pregnancy Confirmed

Sexy actress Cristine Reyes is on a hot seat again after the pregnancy rumor about her had just become noisier as days pass by.

It can be recalled that the rumor that she is carrying a child from his non-showbiz boyfriend surfaced last week and the actress had kept mum about it.

The latest and biggest hint that seems to have added to the speculations is when she walk out from the interview after she was asked if she is indeed pregnant.
During the premiere of her comedy film "The Gifted" with Anne Curtis and Sam Milby on Tuesday, Cristine Reyes was asked if the rumor pregnancy is true. The question was not answered by the actress even after she replied on all previous questions about the movie.

When another reporter asked if her non-showbiz boyfriend will come, the kapamilya actress answered "No, excuse me," and quickly left the crowd.

On The Buzz last Sunday, Cristine Reyes revealed that she and her non-showbiz boyfriend had already talked about settling down.

“Hindi pa po [ako engaged], pero may mga plano na po. Hindi ko pa alam, hindi ko pa masasagot 'yan ngayon. Next time na lang,” - the actress said.

On the same interview, Reyes clarified that she is already 25 years old and on the right age to start a family.


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