Paolo Bediones Scandal Video Part 2

TV5's 'Aksyon Tonite' host, Paolo Bediones, had again grabbed the top trending spot online after his Part 2 scandal video had leaked online. The news trend became sensational overnight after it was shared on social media sites, primarily on facebook and twitter.

The confirmation of the Part 2 video of Paolo Bediones had been confirm about two weeks after his first confirmed scandalous video leaked online.

As of this writing, it can be found that many links have been posted online, but most of these links where fake and would only lead you on different p0rn sites. We have also checked some popular torrent sites and we have found no seeds for the said second video.
However, numerous witnesses have already testified on the existence of the second video and even said that the second video is sixteen minutes long contrary to the first video which only last for about six minutes. Those who have watched the new video also commented that the women on both videos are the same person. Some netizens believed that the new video is the continuation of the first, while some mentioned that this is the prequel of the first video.

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that "Aquino & Abunda Tonight" host, Boy Abunda, had mentioned the rumored part 2 and part 3 of Paolo Bediones's video right after the first video came out.

"Meron pang mga haka-haka ho ngayon, may dalawang video pa diumano na lalabas pa raw na may kinalaman si Paolo Bediones," Abunda said in the show." - Boy Abunda said on the show.

The 40 years old television host, newscaster, and radio announcer had previously sought the help of the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Division to catch the person/s who leaked the first video online and to prevent the further distribution of it online.

It can be recalled that this controversy is the result of an alleged blackmail to the actor based on the text message which was received by the actor and was made public through his official instagram account.

Republic Act 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009, as we mentioned in a previous post about this issue, is the law that prohibits the uploading and distribution of sex videos over the Internet, among other mediums.

Some comments online said that the existence of these scandal videos was a surprise among netizens as many have been questioning the manhood of Paolo. Some rumors also speculated that this is some kind of self inflicted to deny these allegations. But will anyone can really push at this extent?

In the name of decency, cannot provide any link on these videos.

Paolo Bediones had joined the rank of Hayden Koh, Chito Miranda and Wally Bayola for having a scandal video that was feasted by Filipino netizens.


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