Dawn Zulueta To Bamboo: Not My Brother

Actress Dawn Zulueta confirmed that Bamboo Manalac is not her brother. The film-television actress, host and commercial model posted on her twitter account (@DawnZpost) her official statement regarding the long-rumored speculation.

The siblings-issue had been circulating online for quite some time now. It can even seen on many forums and question-and-answer websites that testify that the two are indeed brother and sister.
Dawn Zulueta however ended all rumors on her statement released yesterday, August 21, 2014.

Here is the excerpt of the actress's statement:

Re: Dawn Zulueta & Bamboo Manalac are siblings?
I can keep silent no longer. This was a persistent rumor that I didn't pay much
attention to before. But now it seems to have spiraled into several ‘official’
announcements on social media. Let me first point out that l have high respect for
Mr. Bamboo Manalac and I trust he will understand my sentiments in this matter.
Having said that, I exhort him to submit his own account on this gossip-gone-viral.
as a courtesy.

This sort of tattle is both disconcerting and mortitying to my parents. I would
imagine, for Mr. Mafialac also.

For my part, in respect to my own father and mother. I have decided to issue my

In all due fairness to both my parents, Jose Fazil Tahanlangit-Taleon. and Maria
Cleofe Soleta-Salman. their only children are my brother, George, and I. My father,
Fazil, has remarried and has two sons; the ONLY TWO HALF-BROTHERS I know,
namely Jed and Josiah. Apart from all four of us, both my parents can attest to no
other offsprings.

I implore everyone who has taken part in spreading this wild rumor to please check
and RE-CHECK your sources. And I hope that after this statement I've made, we
can put an end to this confounding tall tale.

Here is the link. and this is only one of the several I've encountered on the net:
[website link here]

Thank you.
Dawn Zulueta
A.K.A. Marie Rachel Salman Taleon-Lagdameo

Keywordspeak.com had traced that the news about them being a half-siblings had been on the internet as early as February 2012. The allegations said that Bamboo was raised in the United States and is Dawn Zulueta's half brother.

As of this writing, Bamboo Manalac has yet to release his reaction regarding the issue.


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