SONA 2014 Video Replay - Pres. Aquino III

Below is the YouTube video of Philippine President Aquino III SONA 2014.

This video was embedded for the sake of those who have not watch it on television nor heard it on many radio channels.

Feel free to email this page to your friends as this year's SONA reflects the Aquino's presidency's accomplishment from the past year.

As usual, President Aquino's SONA was delivered on the Philippine's native languange which is Filipino or commonly known as Tagalog.

Also, as stated by the Communication Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. on an interview before the SONA, the president delivered his speech in a conversational manner to reach the apprehension of the common masses.

Meanwhile, you can click on the link below for the full transcript of the SONA 2014.
SONA 2014 Full Transcript


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