Polish Blog eTramping.com Insulted Filipino Foods

A Polish blog eTramping.com had just made a grave insult about Filipino foods. Agnieszka Walewinder and Cezary Król, the woman and man behind the blog seems to have made an insensitive way to get traffic to their blog, that is in expense of the Philippines this time.

The two who claimed to be bestfriend run a travel blog featuring different culture around the world had just gotten on the Philippines, unfortunately for us Pinoys.
Here are some of the insults that they actually wrote on their blog.

It looks like they have picked the wrong market and the wrong basket as they tried the local fruits. “The fruits we bought at local markets daily looked and tasted old and gross” - the blog said.

Also, it seems like they found our adobo and didn't find it appealing. “I had a massive migraine, mood swings and heartbum (sic) caused by spicy and oily pork” - the two said.

All food was deep fried and oily. In such hot weather conditions, most of fish and fat meat dishes looked disgusting and gross. - the blog said.

The two also put the blame on the Philippines when they can't find what they are looking for. “The biggest disappointment was not trying traditional Filipino dishes (because) we simply could not find them!” - Agness and Cez said.

It's really no surprised if they cannot find the native Filipino dishes because it seems like they cannot afford a tourist guide as they are trying to keep their US$25 per day budget-plan-rule to any country they visit.

And if you thought you had enough to ruin your day, take this word from them in verbatim for their conclusion regarding the Pinoy foods: “I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Street Food Again!”

With this they sure will have a lot of Filipino visitors, but like how they find the Philippines, most felt disgusted.

If they come back and you happen to see them on the road, don't hesitate!


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