RORO Sinks On Masbate - June 14, 2013

Breaking News: A RORO sank on Masbate earlier today, June 14, 2013 - Friday.
Motor vessel - MV Our Lady of Mount Carmel sinks on Masbate City according to a news break from abs-cbn reporters.

As of 10:59 p.m. June 14, authorities said that at least two people died including an old woman found without a life vest [ Update: the two persons killed was identified as Carlota Zena (59) and Erlinda Julbitado (59)] while fifty eight were reported to have rescued.

According to reports, the sank RORO has 22 crews and 40 declared passerngers.

Missing persons are still unknown because there are many undeclared passengers. Rescuer said that they already have rescued at least sixty passenger while the passenger manifest indicates only forty passengers.

Aside from the people on board, the roll-in rollout motor vessel is also carrying two buses and a six wheeler truck.

The vessel left Pio Duran Port in Albay at around 2 a.m. heading for Aroroy, Masbate when it sank close to its destination.

What's the cause?

Passengers as well as experts are all wondering while the RORO boat sank because the ship is sailing on a good weather and on a calm sea.

The ship's captain however said that the line that was securing one of the trucks it carrying had loosen making the ship to tilt that caused it sinking.

Was it overloaded?

Authorities had ruled out the overloading cause because the boat made its journey from two major provinces, Albay and Masbate - more than 300 kilomters, for about two hours only.

As of this posting, the search and rescue operation is underway.


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