Pol Medina Jr. Resigns From Inquirer - PDI

Pol Medina Jr., the creator of the popular comic strip in the country had submitted his formal resignation letter on the local newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI).

The resignation was dated June 7, 2013 addressed to the newspaper's Editor-in-Chief Letty Jimenez Magsanoc.

The resignation was prompted by him being suspended by the firm amid controversy on his June 4, 2013 comic strip issue (read it here).

PDI had cancelled the 25 years comic strip, Pugad Baboy, after the offended party - St. Scholastica's College had threatened to sue PDI should a proper investigation wasn't done - the statement issued by the school's president to the newspaper.

"'Yung pag-resign nga ang ultimate expression nga ng regret eh, na may ginawa ka...Ito pa nga makakapagsabi na mas sincere ang pag-sorry mo," - the Pugad Baboy's creator said on an interview over abs-cbn news.

The resignation letter read: Sorry I dishonored you. I resign.

Well, that is a short letter indeed, much more for a resignation letter. But according to the Philippine law, the resignee doesn't need to provide reason on his resignation that's why in legal terms it is called "termination by employee without just cause" - according to the Philippine Labor Law.
Resignation letter normally contains explicit words expressing employee’s intention to terminate his employment. However, lack of explicit words stating the employees intention to resign is deemed not crucial, as long as the employees intention to resign can be deduced from letter itself. In one case, the Supreme Court held that a memorandum written by the employee containing his deep resentment towards his superior juridically constituted a letter of resignation. Even if the employee did not expressly indicate his intention to resign (neither of the words “resign” or “resignation” was mentioned), the resentful and sarcastic tone of the memorandum was held to be sufficiently indicative of such intention.
Good news to all Pugad Baboy fans, PDI through Atty. Raul Pangalangan said that they are not inclined in accepting Medina's resignation.

"Hindi namin nais tanggapin ang resignation. Dahil nabuo na ang aming investigation, at malinaw na ang pinakamabigat na pagkakamali ay hindi kay Pol, kundi sa humawak o nag-upload ng comic strip na iyon," - the lawyer said on an interview.

"We respect his decision, pero para sa amin, we would like him to continue," - Pangalangan said.

Below is the resignation letter of Pol Medina Jr.


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