Philippine Anti-Bullying Law Under Works

Philippine Anti-Bullying Act has been on the lower house pending to become a real law aimed to punish school bullies as well as school officials.

Once it officially became a law by the power of the lower and upper house as well as the signature of the president, school bullies can be suspended or kicked out from the school.

Ateneo grade school were among the schools who first responded to the pending bill by distributing pamphlets educating parents and students against all kinds of bullying.

But the story from Colegio San Agustin in Makati, where a bullied student stab his main tormentor with a ball pen and punch another accomplish had said to prompted the law makers to craft this bill. The stabbed kid's father then immediately went to the school while the bullied students was still on the head's teacher office because of the incident and slapped the bullied kid before he took his 45 caliber gun and aimed it to the shocked student.

The said case is still on progress after the bullied student's family plans to file a formal case against the gun-totting family.

Aside from the punishment against students, schools will also face sanctions should it fail to protect its students.

"First offense, second offense, until the closure of the school," - said Caloocan City Representative Mitch Cajayon, the principal author of the said bill.

Before, school bullying had been guarded by existing laws like physical abuse and other inhouse school rules, now victims will have a specially crafted law on their side.

With this, students and parents praised the pending bill. thoughts?

I personally laud this proposed bill because I was also became a victim of school bullying. Being some kind of smart ass, I was a little too early to enter elementary then, making my classmates a lot bigger than me. My biggest classmate had pushed me between chairs, in a way that it became like a horror memory every time I'll remember it.

I hope that the bill will became a full law and be implemented as soon as possible.


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