Netizens Complains On PGT Season 4 Grand Winner

The thirteen years old singer from Bukidnon, Roel Manlangit had won the Pilipinas Got Talent PGT Season 4 title.

Felling some kind of Deja Vu?

To refresh you, the grand winner of PGT Season 1 is a singer, season 2 is a singer, season 3 are singers, and surprise-surprise... season 4 is also a singer.

We are just wondering why PGT always has the same talent on all seasons when they have other singing competition on their channel.

With this, netizens had put their reactions online in protest not to the person of the boy, but to the fact that PGT always flags singer as their ultimate winner.

Hahahaha Sabi ko n nga ba eh. Yung batang singer mananalo. Bumirit lang panalo na. #PGT franchise is a mess. - said twitter user @markyholic

Filipinos buy stories, not talent.#PGT it is. #IntensityBreakers is the real talent. They got the real talent. #PilipinasGotSingers - @x0mech0x

Pilipinas Got Singers . Always singers won. #PGT - @FollowUs20

season 1 pagas ang boses season 2 dalawa ang boses season 3 matandang boses season 4 batang boses pilipinas got boses anoyern #pgt #mf - @alvinilagan2

4 in a row.. wow.. #PGT 4 singers... ano yan #THEVOICE (?) - @rond_prado

To dancers and performers, never join #PGT cos singers will always beat you. Sa galing nung intensity breakers and zilent, natalo. - @pgeluz

hala! singer na naman pala nanalo sa #PGT aw! - @itsCHELosa

I didn't watch #PGT last nyt thou my forecast was right ang may pinaka kawawang kwento ang mananalo.. not impressive 4 dat million php prize - @vicKEEwilson

It's a battle again between Roel and MP3 wth is happening to this reality show #PGT #justsaying - @naidzbunny

Im not satisfied with the result. Grr. #PGT - @AnncinthKhanne

How we vote in reality shows can symbolize how we vote in the elections. Puro awa at popularity, not on the skills. :( #PGT - @RyUnstoppable

actly, wla na akong ganang manood ng #PGT puro singers naman nanalo Pilipinas Got Singers. nakakaumay! - @CathyHermosa

#PGT anung klaseng talent napaka common sabi nio pa may mkktang bagong talent mga gago pti yang kris na malandi singing contest nalang P.I.M - @CMvidena

It is though a fact that the text votes is what makes the winner a winner in PGT.


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