MMDA Blames Tulak Boys Of Clogging The Drainages

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) pointed their fingers to the "Tulak Boys" for clogging the drainage system that causes floods at the EDSA C-5 road.

According to reports the Tulak Boys closed the two major drainage inlet producing sudden floods that caused traffic jams and stranded many motorists.

Noemie Recio, director in Traffic Engineering Center of MMDA said on an interview with abs-cbn news TV Patrol that they have found the cause of the sudden floods. Apparently, the two major drainage inlet valves were clogged with stones and wood debris.

Doris Bigornia on her reports had reenacted what the MMDA personnels had found during that floody night. See the screen capture below.
According to her reports, the tambays were paid on their service for helping stranded vehicle owners.

When the Tulak Boys were asked about the accusation, they boldly denied it.

One of the Tulak Boys, Jordan Alejandro said the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) was lying on putting the blame on them. Alejandro said that they just want to help the motorist and insisted that they do not require any amount of money for their service.

On that night where the waist deep flood devastated the whole stretch of España Boulevard, Alejandro's group earned 5,000 pesos. Alejadro said that all of their fourteen members will enjoy equal shares.


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