Is Venus Raj Pregnant With Andrei Felix's Child?

It seems like it's the season of pregnancy rumors among Filipina celebrities.

Richard Gutierrez's girlfriend Sarah Lahbati was first rumored to be pregnant after she left the country, this was followed by Gutierrez announcing to leave showbiz for an indefinite period.

Now, we have Venus Raj as the next subject of the rumored pregnancy.

The speculation started after a photo of the Ms. Universe 2010 runner-up makes round online. The photo was reported to have taken from Shamcey Supsup’s engagement party.

Let's see the photos first.

You can't really suspect anything from the first photo, but Venus Raj's tummy is a little suspecious on the second and third photos that's why it was feasted by netizens, sharing it on twitter and facebook.

Is the rumor really true?

If it's true, another question will rise because Venus Raj and Andrei Felix was confirmed to have separated last month.


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