Is Diana Menezes Abused?

Let's answer the question first - she is!

Diana Menezes was confirmed to have been abused after she sought the help of the women's rights group in the country. Despite of being a foreigner, her case will still be heard since it happened here in the Philippines.

Prior to this, the 25 years old model had made a series of twitter and instagram posts revealing that she is currently on trouble. She is physically, sexually and emotionally in pain as her posts suggest.

"No to rape." is the message on his June 9 post which was followed with another post using the hashtags #NOtoDomesticViolence #NOtoRape.

Here are the posts of Brazilian-born model regarding this controversy.

"Even if I do, aside from looking DUMB MYSELF, I wish I had a CCTV or if I knew, record world do,but "ang sakit";it's a physical,sexual and emotional pain that can't be explained."

"Lord please I can't take this anymore, I'm all by myself here, prayers are much appreciated. But sa totoo lang THANK YOU PO LORD I'M STILL ALIVE."

"My apologies to those who I had to ignore or not give details,"

"Besides there are two sides of the coin and I know the otehr side will fight for defense, since there's bipolar order,things can be turned around. I had witnesses BUT unfortunately they're paid to keep quiet."

"No to rape,"

"Real Men Don't use Violence,"

"There is no excuse for abuse."

Earlier this month, it can be recall that Diana Menezes showed of a 4-carat diamond ring on a press event given by outgoing Cagayan de Oro Rep. Jose Benjamin "Benjo" Benaldo.

The two was confirmed to have been married at the Las Vegas in December 2012.

With this incident, all eyes (and fingers maybe) are pointing at the congressman who lost from the recent national election.

Meanwhile, Congressman Benaldo had also publicly posted a photo showing him kissing the poster of her wife with a message "I miss my woman."


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