Instagram Photo - Is Sarah Lahbati Pregnant With Richard Gutierrez’ baby?

Sarah Lahbati is keeping herself on Philippines' most follow news' list after her most recent instagram post hits online.

She first came into the Philippine trend when she had a conflict with her previous network that leads to a lawsuit filed by GMA 7. This was resulted with an issuance of warrant of arrest against the girlfriend of Richard Gutierrez.

Today, a viral instagram photo from Sarah Lahbati's official account is making its round online that apparently somewhat confirming the long suspicion that she is indeed pregnant. Before we talk any further, here's the actual controversial photo.
On the photo, Lahbati is seen playing a piano wearing a loose dress giving more suspicion that she is hiding her baby bumps.

Before this, Annabelle Rama had confirmed that Sarah Lahbati had left the country last January 13, 2013 for Switzerland. First speculations is that the disagreement between her and GMA7 is the cause of her leaving the country.

However, just days after she left, another rumor sprung among press people suggesting that she is pregnant with Richard Gutierrez's baby.

This news however was denied by the actor himself last January, 2013.

"Parang may nagkalat na lang bigla and, all of a sudden, people are asking me that," - Gutierrez said on an interview.

Meanwhile, Ruffa Gutierrez had also denied the allegation.

"I can’t comment on that because I haven’t seen the alleged new addition to the family," - the beauty queen said.


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