China's Barbecue Ban Plan

We are all aware over the heavy smogs (mixture of smoke and fog) that troubles Chinese people, making ordinary citizens to wear gas mask while on the streets.

With the Chinese government dealing the issue, a rumored that a plan to ban street barbeques was proposed.

However, the news broke out online making Chinese web users furious.

Chinese said that making the fire-grilled food illegal on the streets is a step too far.

Should really the Chinese government make the bbq business illegal? Will it really deal with the root cause of the issue?

Online users had flocked on Weibo, a micro-blogging platform on China (much like twitter) protesting over the reported planned law. "This is hilarious. What are they going to consider next? Banning fried food?" said one user.

"What proportion of pollution comes from barbeques?" said another user.

The controversial porposals was said to have existed after a draft guidelines was made by the Chinese environmental watchdogs. The said environmental body had advised local authorities to adopt local ordinances in making "barbecue-related activities" as illegal.

Should the government really blames the problem to the innocent barbecues or to the country's coal-burning emissions, industrial factories and vehicles' fumes?


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