Blogspot Concurrent Connection

Before all I care about choosing a web hosting company is that if they offer unlimited bandwidth.

So I settled myself to for one of my blogs.

Only when the time came that I had an expected traffic surge I realized that there's still something as important as bandwidth limit needed to be consider.

It appears that my blog became inaccessible after thousands of visitors flocked on my site. Only then I have known that a certain web hosting plan is subject to a concurrent connection limit too, something that they did not bother to inform their customers.

So I just thought if - blogspot blog also have a concurrent connection limit too.

I tried searching google for any information I can get, but it seems that no one have wrote anything about it yet.

I also tried searching Yahoo as I thought that google might just have been hiding the result, but I was mistaken, no information from yahoo too.

The technical support of our local webhosting company who house one of my blog whom I talked to said that blogspot blog has 70 concurrent connection limit.

I asked him where did he read the information. He told me that one of their customer just told him about it.

Anyone who knows where we can find the official information ?



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