Nuffnang Review, Philippines

Nuffnang Review, Philippines

This is my personal review as a publisher using nuffnang ads.

I'll just want to put the summary at the top so that we can know what we will talk about for the rest of the article.

In summary, I got about 16K for more than a year of serving nuffnang ads. Well, not much, considering that it took me one year to earn it, but the point is, it's money that I don't have.

I don't serve nuffnang ads anymore, but do not get me wrong, the last thing I want is to create a hate-post to anyone. I just want to stress that this post is not - in any way a hate-post, this is my personal experience from serving the ads.

Are you looking for a review? Then here's something from my personal experience.

First, nuffnang ads doesn't appear on all of your post. It's a targeted ads that wouldn't show up if their system saw no relevant ads for your specific post.

But the good thing is, if they serve ads on a page, most ads that they serve are very clickable because most ads that I saw on my blog are either it has nice graphical presentation or animated.

The bad thing is, if you serve ads with high conversion rate, like adsense, nuffnang ads steals the clicks. As you can see, I only earned 16K after a year from nuffnang, yet one of my blog can earn that from adsense for only two months. And I felt stupid realizing it only now. And to think that Infolinks ads even give bigger income, much more for adsense. I just can't believe how much money I have lost by serving nuffnang ads.

But the worst thing happened when this incident happened, let me just embedd the ticket I sent them.
...I'll narrate this on taglish:

nangyari po ito noong before ko i-cash-out yung earnings ko dated March 28, 2012 19:50 amounting to 6545.04. Some of my buffered earnings are still pending to my available payment credit. Pero kinash-out ko na po dahil end na ng month. I am expecting na mareremain xa sa buffered earnings and will be rolled-out for the next payment. But nag-zero po ang lahat ng mag-cash-out ako noong Match 28, 2012.

Some of the buffered earnings went on December 30, 2011 report.
I am sure na doon po siya napunta dahil i am sure na i never had a payment that big, and to know na iilan pa lang po ang payments ko for me to forget.

Im sure na ma-rereview po niyo ang mga banking transactions niyo (cheque) addressed to me versus sa figures ng payment history sa account ko.

Ngayon ko lang po ni-report on fear na baka mahold ang current payments ko dahil may dispute sa account ko.
kaya naghintay muna po akong ma-receive lahat ng payments before doing this report.

Please help me fix this.

I'm looking forward to continue working with you in the future.

Salamat po in advance,

I have emailed this to Miss Ivy Beren, the accounting assistant that usually contacting me for my bank details after I'm done cashing out my earnings.

After exactly 22 minutes she emailed back and said:
Hi Nhoel,

Thank You for informing us regarding your concern,
Granted, we will review your inquiry. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank You for your patience & God Bless :-)

Warm Regards,

Ivy Beren

Accounting Assistant

But that's where everything stopped, I haven't heared anything from her again. That was on September 4, 2012, so I emailed her back again for the updates on September 13, she didn't reply. So I emailed her again on September 17, but I still don't received any reply.

My email didn't got back on me so I believe that it is still a valid email, meaning that she is still connected to

That's when I escalated my concern and made a ticket on their helpdesk containing the same texts from my first email to Miss Ivy Beren.

The Nuffnang sent me a confirmation to my email, screenshot below.
(Screenshot above is real and not photoshopped, I challenge anyone to look at my inbox on person who will doubt on its authenticity.)

I sent the ticket last September 18, 2012, and I'm monitoring for a reply from time to time, but unfortunately FOR ME, I didn't saw any reply. Not until earlier today, when the link to my ticket was deleted. That means that my payment dispute concern on their helpdesk database was deleted without any answer.

Would you believe that I also emailed the new country manager, Mr. Abe Olandres, on his email regarding my concern, and I didn't received any reply too.

In total, I lost about 4K from

One basic principle on being a blogger is not to make enemies, I do not want that. What I want to say is that owes me about 4K, and for someone like me, it's a big amount of money.

Should I recommend nuffnang ads?
I'll say try them yourself, if you're experimentation do you good, then that's nice. It's just that it cost me a lot to realized that it was a bad experimentation for me.

Again, this is a very personal review based on my experience.

Well, I just hope that this post can earn the money they owe me.

The nuffnang team put my help-support ticket back on their website today 10/08/12.

01/07/13 I called them via phone and I had a chnace to talk to their accounting staff, she said that she will take a review on my case. Hopefully this would turn on something good, something fair.


  1. Hi Sir, this is Ivy Beren, I was surprised to see this blog, anyway, I'm no longer connected to Nuffnang ever since Sept.24, 2012, and yes I did read your email and with regards to my reply, I just did what my superior told me to reply to you. The reason I'm not replying on your email is bec. I don't know what to say cause I don't have any signals from the higher authority on what I would reply to you. Sorry for that! Anyway, did they already made an action on your concern? if not, then i truly believe that they are currently working on it bec. I already passed this concern on my superior ever since I received your email.

    FYI, I'm no longer connected to Nuffnang so I hope that my name, won't be anymore included in this concern :) Thanks & God Bless!

  2. Miss Ivy.
    First of all, im not pointing to any person, personally speaking. im referring this case to nuffnang-publisher's system.

    anyway, thank you for confirming my case. and yup, you're acquitted from this conflict =)

    but it's hard to believe that my case is still under works because its been months. they must have been ignoring me intentionally.

    though im still hoping i can get that 4K (est.)

    ingat po!

  3. Why not try calling them po? In that manner hindi ka po maiignore at kakausapin ka tlga nila :)

  4. i think i really have to try that na.

    anyways, when we had exchanged email back then.
    did you investigated my case (my account's earning versus amount deposited to me) or did you just elevated the case?


  5. No Sir e, I'm not authorized to investigate your case. sorry.. Maybe you should call them nalang talaga para mas malinaw.. :)

  6. yup, i think i really need to do that.
    thanks for dropping by miss Ivy =)