San Beda Law Student Died On Hazing, July 2012

San Beda law student died on fraternity hazing, July 2012...

Died In Hazing : San Beda Law Student, July 2012

San Beda Hazing Marck Marcos

San Beda Law Student Died On Hazing

Another victim of fraternity hazing claimed the life of a San Beda Law Student after it died last July 30, 2012.

According to a medico-legal report, it had been confirmed that the death was caused by hazing after severe bruises was found on the victims arms and legs aside from slight wound on his head.

The victim was identified as Mark Andrei Marcos, a law student of San Beda.

"Let's just say yung arms at legs niya kulay ube. Yan ang sinasabi ko sa gumawa sa kaniya - kulay ube," - the victim's uncle, Attorney Jose Vener Ibarra.

His lawyer uncle seeks for justice for his nephew's death.

"No one has to suffer this from people that they will call brothers. Wala. Walang dapat mamatay nang ganun. Kung sino man kayo hahanapin namin kayo. I pray that the criminal justice system will get you first." - he added.

The death came five months after the latest hazing victim died on the same school. This is why the school administration together with the police authorities have been monitoring three fraternities namely : Lambda Rho Beta, Lex Talionis and Lex Leonum. School officials had made moved to disband the identified fraternities, but it looks that they failed.

"But then again, we seem to have underestimated these fraternities," - San Beda law student government president Aubin Arn Nieva said on an interview.

The victim came from a family of lawyers, his grandfather was a judge while his other relatives were also lawyers.

Social networking site buzzes over the death.


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