Nonito Donaire Too Much For Jorge Arce?

Nonito Donaire camp plans to knock-out opponent early...

Nonito Donaire Will Crush Opponent Says Trainer

Nonito Donaire Jorge Arce

Donaire vs Arce

Super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire Jr.'s power will be too much for his opponent, Jorge Armando Arce, said the Philippine flash's trainer.

Donaire is scheduled to fight against the thirty three years old Mexican boxer Jorge Arce on October 20, 2012.

Richard "Rick" Stenhaley, former trainer of Manny Pacquiao said that his boxer [Nonito] will surely crush Arce.

“I love Jorge Arce, he’s really fun to watch and is one of my favorite fighters but I think Nonito is going to really smash him. I think he’s going to knock him out for sure,” - Stenhaley said on an interview.

According to the trainer, what they're trying to work in is to make a five star performance for the upcoming fight.

The trainer said that a five-star performance can only be achieve if Donaire can end the fight early, and it can only be achieve if he can put the opponent on the canvass.

The Filipino boxer, dubbed as the Filipino flash, had recently won a fight against Jeffrey Mathebula last July 7 of this year.


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