When Would June - July 2012 NLE Results Be Released ?

When would be the NLE results be released?

Nursing, NLE Results For June-July 2012

NLE Nurse Result June 2012

When Would The Results Be Released?

The takers of Nursing Licensure Examination - NLE - that was held last June 30 to July 1, 2012 is expected to rush on the official website of PRC as soon as the results has been released.

From the past NLE examanations, we have seen that this government powered website is usually experiencing problems when traffic surges hits them. It can be recalled that their hardware-server - IBM brand, had a technical problem from the past.

That is why this site, keywordspeak.com, is offering an alternative way for the examinees to confirm their names on the passers' list.

Just how can we do that if the official PRC website is down?

We are currently monitoring the NLE June-July 2012 examination results closer than the past examinations. That's is why we can assure that we can catch the passers' list before the PRC site gets down.

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We, the whole keywordspeak.com team are all hoping for a high passing rate this time.

Good luck our future nurses!

Nurse NLE Result June July 2012
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