Miriam Santiago's Mongoloid Speech Backfired

Miriam Santiago was threaten to be charged by saying "Mongoloid"...

Miriam Santiago Said "Mongoloid"

Miriam Santiago Mongoloid

Senator Miriam Santiago

Senator Miriam Santiago's "Mongoloid" speech backfired on her. Though the backfire was not from the subject where he directed his speech but to the members of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. (DSAPI).

It appears that the members of DSAPI were offended on her speech by using the Mongoloid word to degrade her critics.

“I tell all my enemies who just want to get off me, stop molesting me, you mongoloids!” - Miriam Santiago told reporters at the Senate, referring to her critics.

According to reports, DSAPI members threatens to sue Santiago over her statement.

But not so fast, the smart senator already had made her counter threats too after she said that she can also sue the group back.

“Some in your group threaten to sue me in court. They are in danger of committing the crime of threats, also known as blackmail. (Penal Code, Article 283). If so, I would then have the right to sue them for damages, under the law penalizing any private individual who ‘obstructs, defeats, violates, or in any manner impinges or impairs,’ any person’s freedom of speech (Civil Code, Article 32, para. 2),” - the senator said.

On the other hand, the lady senator had admitted that she did made a mistake.

“As a parent myself, I understand that what obviously motivates you and my other critics is parental love and concern. This being so, I extend the hand of friendship. Out of goodwill, I will impose self-censorship, by avoiding in future any word that refers to a person with disability,” - she said.

Miriam Defensor Santiago further clarrified that her statement on the senate did not intend to malign persons with disability but it is addressed to her political critics.


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