iPhone 5 Philippine Price, Specs & Features

iPhone 5 Philippine local price...

iPhone 5 Price Philippines

How Much Is iPhone 5 In The Philippines ?

iPhone 5 Philippine price, features and specifications is really something our local iPhone fanatics are anticipating.

According to web sources, this season's iPhone anticipation is an all time high worldwide. That is why no one can blame the local Apple fans if they're already been asking when would this beauty hit the local shores.

First, it is not confirmed if the new Apple smartphone will be named as iPhone 5 or some shocking pale name. Who can forget what happened to the Apple's new iPad which was named, well... 'The New iPad'.

Or maybe it will be called as iPhone 4T, since T comes after S. This was a joke (but half meant, who knows?).

9to5Mac however claimed to have released the actual appearance of this anticipated iPhone model, shown below.

iPhone 5 Price Philippines

Experts said that this new smartphone will packed with a quad-core processor which Apple may call A6.

This new model also was rumored to have a 1GB RAM.

There is also reports that said iPhone 5 will require a micro sim.

Rumors also said that this new model will support 4G, as many released handsets that had already announced to have a 4G capability.

This new model will come in black and white color models.

According to tips, it is nearly confirmed that it was manufatured by Samsung, designed by Apple.

So the ultimate question is when would iPhone 5 be available on the local market, or is there any place where we can pre-order iPhone 5?

As of today, no one can really tell, not even our top local tech bloggers can say for a definite date. The best we can do is to refer to the rumors and her-says.

We saw a China-made iPhone5 on sulit.com.ph for 5K, but let's not talk about that.

Rest assured, we will be updating this post as soon as we hear any development regarding iPhone 5 in the Philippines.

For now, let us share to you an artist concept for iPhone 5, just for play.


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