Wiltime Bigtime Let Rufa Mae Quinto Go

Ruffa Mae Quinto left Wiltime Bigtime, see the reason here...

Rufa Mae Quinto Leaves Wiltime Bigtime

Wiltime Bigtime Rufa Mae Quinto

Wiltime Bigtime Looses Rufa Mae Quinto

After barely five weeks of being a co-host in Wiltime Bigtime, Rufa Mae Quinto permanently left Wiltime Bigtime according to Cristy Fermin on the celebrity show Paparazzi.

According to Cristy Fermin, Rufa Mae Quinto was no longer a part of the TV5 primetime game show.

It can be recalled that Rufa Mae moved to TV5 after her contract to GMA7 expired last April of this year. Her first notable exposure was on Wiltime Bigtime.

Why did she left the show?
If you're thinking that there is something bitter happened between Willie Revillame and Rufa Mae Quinto, there's none. According to reports, Rufa Mae demanded a very high talent fee and that she did not consider Wiltime Bigtime as her priority.

It can also be recalled that Rufa Mae Quinto did not join the international show of Wiltime Bigtime simply because she said that she is busy that time.

Rufa's camp haven't made an official statement regarding the matter.


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