Ruffa Gutierrez Tweeted vs Paparazzi

Ruffa quits her own show after being asked with disrespectful questions... when? --- on her birthday...

Ruffa Gutierrez's Tweets Against Paparazzi

Ruffa Gutierrez Paparazzi

Ruffa Offended By Paparazzi On Her Birthday

TV5 showbiz talk show Paparazzi made an advance celebration for Ruffa Gutierrez's birthday earlier today, June 23, 2012.

However, what was supposed to be a happy celebration turned into a chaos after the birthday celebrants, Ruffa Gutierrez, found offended after being asked with what she calls "disrespectful" questions.

Questions were whispered to her to prevent viewers to hear the questions. She then was given three names for her answer, her ex-boyfriends' names: Aga Mulach, Zoren Legaspi and Robin Padilla.

Ruffa felt discomfort on the format.

One question which was partly heard was "Who has the biggest..."

‘Sino kila Aga, JL, Robin ang pinaka malaki ang tit*’ ‘Sino kila Zoren, Aga, Robin ang magaling sa kama?” - Ruffa said, quoting the questions asked by her co-hosts.

Her co-hosts, Cristy Fermin, Zoren Legaspi, Mariel Rodriguez and Jeffrey "Mr. Fu" Espiritu, however were not the ones to be blame. As she is pointing the writers who made the malicious write-ups.

Her mother, Annabelle Rama, being outspoken as she is called the Paparazzi's writers "stupid" and "idiots".

Below are the twitter updates of Ruffa Gutierrez.

"Hindi ako natutuwa sa birthday presentation ng Paparazzi para sa akin. Wala kayong kwenta at wala kayong respeto."

"Binastos ako ng #Paparazzi on my birthday. I'm so sorry but THE BUZZ would never do this to me. EVER!"

"From this day on, I will no longer be part of Paparazzi. I will never tolerate DISRESPECT..."

"I refuse to be part of trashy reporting that degrades people or shames others. #Paparazzi"

"I know God will provide work for me in other ways so I can take care of my daughters."

Also, below are the tweets of Annabelle Rama regarding the issue.

"Calling the attention of MVP, Atty Rey Espinosa & Bobby Barrero:"

"Tama ba itong questions ng mga writers ng Paparazzi on national tv, w their 11:30am to 12:30noon time slot?"

"Lunch time, kumakain ang pamilya ko with my 7 & 8 year old na mga apo na nanunood sa mommy nila para bastusin lang pala!"

"These are the questions: "Sino kila Aga, JL, Robin ang pinaka malaki ang tit*?" | "Sino kila Zoren, Aga, Robin ang magaling sa kama?""

"Yan ba ang bday gift nila sa anak ko? Walang natutuwa! Dapat palitan at tanggalin ang maniac na yan!"

"Pls review the tape of that segment on that show. Super negative. I already talked to @percinotpercy re the show."

"Sana maimbestigahan ang mga writers and everyone who's behind all this. Thank you."

TV5 Paparazzi is still to comment on the issue.


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