Dolphy Dead At Age 83 Rumors

Did really Dolphy died at age 83?

Dolphy Quizon Rumored To Have Died @ Age 83

Dolphy dead age 83

Dolphy At Age 83


The rumor which said that "Dolphy had died at the age of 83" had been circulating online through social networking sites.

With this, traffic surge regarding Dolphy's death had been escalating from various search engines.

However, it is confirmed that Dolphy is very much alive as of this writing. Though the news that the comedy king is currently fighting for his life is a common information among Filipinos, but the rumors about his death was purely a rumor.

According to the veteran actor's son, Eric Quizon, his father is suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Earlier today, June 22, 2012, Eric said that his father had again suffering from pneumonia.

The rumor will be dispelled completely on July 25, 2012 as the comedy king will celebrate his 84'th birthday.


  1. Dolphy undergoes surgery, condition improves
    MELAY LAPENA, GMA NEWS June 24, 2012 3:52pm
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    Comedy King Dolphy’s health is improving, said son Eric Quizon Sunday afternoon at the Makati Medical Center. This even as the comedian underwent a tracheostomy Saturday night at 10 P.M. and continues his stay at the intensive care unit.
    "At this point we decided to do that [the tracheotomy] because alam namin na eto yung makakarelieve sa discomfort na nararamdaman ng daddy namin," said Quizon.
    According to the Mayo Clinic website, a tracheostomy is a surgically created hole through the front of the neck and into the windpipe (trachea). The term for the surgical procedure to create this opening is tracheotomy.
    "The doctors are very happy because he responded well to the surgery. Lahat ng vitals ng daddy ko nag improve," he said.
    Quizon noted that Dolphy's creatinine levels, the chemical waste in the blood, went down to 1.17 mg/dL, which is within normal range. 
    However, even though Dolphy’s hemoglobin count went up to 11, his platelet count went down to 50,000. Dolphy continues to receive blood transfusions and his blood pressure is better.
    Quizon said that his heart rate has also improved, "Hindi na mas frequent yung arrhythmia, yung pagtaas at pagbaba ng heart rate niya."
    Dolphy still suffers from pneumonia, but doctors say that, too, is subsiding.
    "Like I said everything has been positive, lahat naman leaning towards improvement of the quality of his health," said Quizon in a "News TV Live" report.  
    Furthermore, Quizon said that his family has decided to continue Dolphy's dialysis, assuming his father’s condition allows for it.
    Last Thursday, Dolphy underwent dialysis to support his kidneys and other organs. The treatment was stopped due to complications from pneumonia. Dolphy resumed dialysis on June 23.
    Quizon said that the comedy king is now asleep due to “heavy anesthesia”, but he woke up last night after his successful surgery.
    The Comedy King is not capable of talking but he is communicating through facial expressions. Eric also told Lhar Santiago on TV program “Showbiz Central” that the family witnessed their father shed a tear. 
    According to Eric, the family believes that it is Dolphy's way of expressing emotion and it shows that he is thanking them for their support.
    "So far so good, the prayers are working. Huwag niyo kaming tatanggalin sa inyong pagdarasal," he said. — Mac Macapendeg /LBG/DVM, GMA News

  2. Dolphy died at age 83 just this evening july 10, 2012