Annabelle Rama's Warrant Of Arrest

Warrant of arrest has been issued against Annabelle Rama, is she now a wanted?

Annabelle Rama Ordered To Be Arrested

Annabelle Rama

Warrant Of Arrest Issued For Annabelle Rama

The warrant of arrest has been ordered for the talent manager Annabelle Rama for the fourteen counts of libel cases filed by actress Nadia Montenegro.

Judge Eleuterio Bathan of Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 92 had issued the warrant of arrest for her failure to attend the court hearings for the case.

The fourteen counts of libel had produced a total of one hundred fourty thousand pesos, P140,000, or ten thousand each.

The warrant of arrest is the result of the case filed by Nadia - libel and unjust vexation. Unjust vexation was filed after Rama posted on her twitter account saying that Nadia Montenegro is "piggy" and the alleged that she had an affair with another man and is unable to pay her bills, among others.

Rama on the other hand had previously said that she only have one twitter updates that is addressed to Montenegro, and that is that's Montenegro having a debt to her.
warrant of arrest Anabbelle Rama

Other cases that were dismissed were child abuse, attempted physical injuries and attempted kidnapping.

What say Nadia?

On an interview with abs-cbn, Nadia Montenegro could not help but cry following the issuance of the warrant of arrest for Annabelle.

Nadia said that she is "very, very happy" for the outcome of the case.

“More pa dapat, pero okay na 'to. I'm never gonna surrender, that's not part of my vocabulary. Fight yes, surrender no,” - Nadia added.


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