Annabelle Rama To Run On Congress For Cebu @ 2013

Annabelle Rama announced herself that she will run on congress on her hometown, Cebu City...

Annabelle Rama Will Run For Congress On 2013

Annabelle Rama Congress 2013 Cebu

Annabelle Rama To Enter Politics @ 2013

Annabelle Rama will run as a congresswoman on he hometown in Cebu City for the upcoming 2013 election poll.

The controversial talent manager officially announced the news on her twitter account that she will run for congress on 2013 election polls. Dismissing the previous rumors that she will run as a councilor.

"Mali ka. I'm running for congresswoman of Cebu,” - Annabelle told one of her twitter follower after being asked about the rumored councilor run.

Annabelle said that she was offered to run for Congress, and it was not her who initiated the idea.

The only daughter, Ruffa GUttierez, was informed that her mother will run for congress on twitter after her mom tweet her so.

Ruffa's reaction ?

I'm like, whatttt?? Kaloka," - the actress said on an interview.

With this, Rama will register as a voter in Cebu City this coming Monday.

On the side note, Senator Sergio Osmeña III welcomed the news.

"It will be fun! It's like having Miriam (Santiago) run there," - the Cebuano senator said.

"They have very colorful personalities, very outspoken, very beautiful." - he added.

Annabelle Rama for congress at 2013, anyone voting ?


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