Titanic New Released Photo 2012

With its 100 years of anniversary, a photo of titanic that shows a human remains was sought on the net, see photo...

Newly Released Underwater Photo Of Titanic

titanic new photo human remains

New Titanic Photo Shows Human Remains

As Titanic reached its 100 years anniversary, a photo of titanic from underwater shows human remains was reissued to the public in an uncropped version.

This year marks the one hundred-ths anniversary of the ship's sinking, dubbed as unsinkable, which had claimed 1,500 lives.

Maritime Heritage Museum's director, Dr. James P. Delgado told on an interview with Yahoo News that the position of the boots on the sea floor strongly suggests that they belonged to one of the ship passenger's body.

Titanic, the ships and all of its remnants, now lies some two-and-a-half miles below the ocean's surface on the North Atlantic.

After a century, the History channel had launched an episode about the titanic titled as "Titanic, Mystery Solved". The new episode made the most ambitious and the most expensive investigation on the ship.

The show had investigated the most rumored flaw of the ship which is its revits. The investigation team simulated and reconstructed a ship's piece an put a pressure of it. The findings was - it did not break off even with the crushing pressure that they put on it.

The team had concluded that it was not the revits that made the ship sank, rather they had found that Titanic sank because of the crushing damage that no ship at that time can withstand.

With the investigation, the crediblity of the ship's designer was restored, and that had happened after one hundred years.


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