NLE June 2012 Program

Online Application System or OAS for Nurses Licensure Examination or NLE was started on April 12, 2012...

NLE June 2012 - How To Apply Online

NLE June 2012

NLE June 2012 Online Application

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) 's Online Application System (OAS) for Nurses NLE for June 2012 was set to began on April 12, 2012.

That would mean that Nurse graduates can make their licensure application via the internet.

NLE applicants needs to fill-up the online application form at:

(Please copy and paste the web address above if the link doesn't work)

After the online application, applicants will then go to the nearest PRC office for the processing of their applications. They can then accomplish the payment fees and have their Notice of Addmission for entry to the actual examination centers.

Embedded below is the official press statement as released by the PRC.


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