I Wil Serve Party List

Is Willie Revillame really set to enter politics ?

Party List - I Wil Serve

I Wil Serve Party List


Will Willie Revillame really launch "I Wil Serve" as an official Party List to the upcoming national election ?

Earlier on TV5 night news program, Aksyon, Willie Revillame was featured after he said on his show the day before, that he was preparing "I Wil Serve" to be an official party list to the upcoming national election.

I Wil Serve is an institution founded by the actor, host and recording artist.

Though it is not clear whether Willie just said it on his prime time show - Wiltime Bigtime was just a plain a joke or if he really mean it.

Will Revillame be choosing a career in politics?

Well, rumors where Revillame was tagged on politics was nothing new. Last national election, a rumor said that presidential candidate Manny Villar had reserve a slot for a senatorial ticket on his Nacionalista Party should Willie decided to run for a senator.

There is also reports where Revillame is eyeeing the country's vice-president seat.

So the ultimate question is not - Will he run? but - Will he got the seat?

Sure there are many anti-Willie, but he sure have many masa followers.

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  1. in fairness, marami ring hakot yang si willie.