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Tourists' Guide - How To Go To Potipot Island

Potipot Island

Potipot Island @ Zambales

It is dubbed as the Boracay at Luzon according to the tourists that had visited the island with its white sand plus more.

We mean "more" because being an island, it also has a rocky landscape and all shores are adored with trees that offers shades to the visitors.

It's just that I came from Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales - the barangay where shore is closest to the island. Uacon is the closest barangay to Potipot Island, very close that visitors don't need to ride a tricycle to go to the shore for the banca.

Way back elementary/highscool days, visitors of the island are asked for 20pesos for a fee, though people from our barangay (the closest) can go there for free. But when the current governor, Governor Ebdane, bought the island for 200million pesos (according to rumors), all visitors are asked for 50pesos.

Anyways, not a bad price especially for the working individuals who wants to experience a white sand beach. I just want to show that our barangay is the closest, in which you would trust that this post is a reliable guide if you want to go there.

This post aims to guide tourists who would like to visit our island.

Here is the screen shot of Luzon from Google Maps to roughly show where the island is:
That is where we will go - Candelaria, Zambales which was mapped with the reddish shade.

Let's zoom-in further.

And let's zoom-in the google maps more.

So that's it, the Potipot Island had been labeled by Google Maps after zooming in further. You can drop on three ideal street or "kanto" as long as it's on Barangay Uacon.

As you can read on the map, Dawal and Isla Vista are resorts with hotel accommodation all located on Barangay Uacon.

Here are the two ideal streets or kanto that you can drop into. These kanto are toward your left if you're heading north.

1.) Kanto ng Dawal Beach Resort
2.) Kanto before Uacon Plaza, yung may waiting shed.

I prefer kanto number 2, because our house is midway towards the shore =)

No need to ride on the tricycle as the shore is just about five minutes walk from the main road.

After getting on the shore, you can ask to the banca owners to take you to the Potipot Island. As of this writing (year 2012), the banca service is worth 500 back and forth, just text the owner on the time of your sundo. Do not worry, the island is covered with cellphone signal.

Fare from Olongapo City to Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales is 220pesos for the air-conditioned bus.

So there is it. Your first hand guide towards Potipot Island =)

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UPDATE: 2013 Summer

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