Winners - Keywordspeakers' Third Anniversary Raffle Contest

Winners of Keywordspeakers' Third Anniversary Raffle Contest has been selected, see the winners here...

Winners To Our Raffle Contest

Congratulations To Our Winners!

The day had finally came, today is the third anniversary of With that, here are the winners to our Keywordspeakers' Third Anniversary Raffle Contest that we have launched last January 1, 2012.

The contest has been shared for more than 10 thousand times but it looks like all of the entries was not submitted to the comment form of the contest page and later to our database.

We also noticed that not all submitted shared links are view-able, we specifically stated on the side rules that all shared links must be set in a way that we can see it in order to validate your entry.

Anyway, here are the winners as raffled from

The one on the top will be our grand winner, the second will win our second prize and the third will get the third prize.

1.) Samsung Galaxy Y
2.) My|Phone Dual Sim
3.) Flash Drive

There is some correction however because the third on the list is unviewable which made the fourth on the list the winner of the Flash Drive.

Here are the official winners then:

As stated, we will request the grand winner to get his prize personally. If this is not possible, we will request a photo of him while holding the Samsung Galaxy Y plus a little testimonial.

For the winners, please do email me at admin at keywordspeak dot com for the details.

Items will be send to your Philippine address free of charge.

The team wants to extend our deepest appreciation to all who joined the contest. We want to thank those who keep on sharing the contest page to their facebook account.

With the overwhelming response that we got, our team will not wait for our next anniversary, as we are planning to make another contest sooner and we will try to get external sponsors to make the next contest a lot bigger in terms of prizes.

Well, that's it!

Congratulations to our winners!


Only the winner of the first and third prize had claimed their prizes.
For the second prize winner, please do claim your prize within 30 days.
We saw that you have shared this page on your fb, but we are wondering on why you haven't contacted us yet.
You know that we cannot wait forever, thank you.

All winners had been verified, please expect your prizes within this month.
Thank you!


  1. hehe hindi ako nanalo :D Congrats sa mga nanalo :) nice contest kuya noel :)

  2. Kenneth Mendoza: aw. di ako nanalo. T-T
    well, congratulations to all the winners, you guys very lucky! :)
    anyways, i'm okay. :(

  3. hi i think i am the 3rd just wonderin how come my posts are unviewable?tnx


  4. @anonymous above, please make your post with permalink:

    be viewable and we will also give you the third prize. Here's how you can do it:

    this will make your post viewable.
    come back here and we will consider your entry.
    that would mean that we will have two winners for the third prize.

  5. hi!

    The winning entry was already deleted since I thought that I did not win but when I checked the link you posted I found out that it was me... That's why I can't give you what you wanted now... but you can also see my profile/wall that I've done your mechanics religiously- some of them were not yet deleted...

    Thank you for the consideration and I hope you'll understand my case too... Again thank you... :(


  6. Sayang gusto ko rin sana ng galaxy Y na running android 2.3 :-D