Warren Buffett Gave Me $100K !

Warren Buffett Gave Me $100K For My Newly Born Daughter

Gift For My Newly Born Daughter By Warren Buffett - $100K

When it rains, it really pours.

Last week, someone emailed me and said that he's Warren Buffett's lawyer and wanted to send me a $100K on my paypal account.

Of course, things like this is really too good to be true. But one thing caught my attention is that the email doesn't contain any links or attachments that would make me suspect that he was just sending me a virus or selling me something.

The email said that Warren Buffett himself saw the photo of my new born daughter and want to give her a $100K.

I emailed the person back and told him that he is free to do send it to my paypal account on the condition that no one from my family will held responsible for any favor that we cannot do to repay him. I thought that there is no harm giving him my paypal email and so I did.

The person said that we are not to be asked for any favor and that Warren Buffett just want to do it, plain and simple.

His second email also said that the money has been transferred to my paypal account.

I first made sure that my anti virus is running and updated before opening my paypal account. On my shock, I saw my paypal balance amounting to one hundred thousand dollars.

Mouth agapped, I called my wife and show her my paypal balance. Filipino as we are, she got first puzzled with the amount because we are not that accustomed to money in dollar figures. After some moment, she asked me if it is really $100K, and I said yes, and told her the story behind it.

My paypal account was not yet connected to my newly opened bank account (our previous bank account was named after my wife that is why I cannot connect it with my paypal account). So I did connect it any withdraw my paypal balance to my bank account.

After almost three days, the money was credited on our bank account.

That will be 100,000 X 42 to make it in peso.

We just want to thank Mr. Warren Buffett and those who made this possible.

We are now looking for a house and lot here on our city and we are sure to have more for our daughter's future.

Our hearts is for Mr. Warren Buffett and we hope that you can help many more people.

We'll keep in touch on email.


  1. Mr Warren Buffet is a nice guy, you should feel blessed because God make Mr. Buffet as an instrument to give you and your daughter a better life. I'm amazed with his kind heart, we hope and pray for Mr. Buffet's more success and good health.

    That's what we call the "purpose driven life".

  2. Sir kuha ka ng smart money sa smart wireless center, and then link mo yung smart money card number sa PayPal mo for verification makaksend ka ng text messages, pero huwag mong ita transfer yung pera mo sa PayPal using SmartMoney Card, since naverify na yung PayPal mo, add ka na lang ng ibang bank account, metro bank savings account, just wait for 5 days to transfer the money, from PayPal to Metrobank.

    Congrats Sir. Keep the Faith.

  3. Sir i just discuss this on my blog, para mainspired naman ang mga fellow bloggers natin.

    Here's is the discussions.

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