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Did Vicki Belo broke with Hayden because of her own yoga instructor? 2007 Mosimo Bikini runner up, Al Galang had...

Al Galang, Vicki Belo's New Boyfriend ?

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Vicki Belo Broke Up With Hayden Kho Because Of Al Galang

First, who can forget the dirty controversy Hayden Kho had undergone (and still undergoing) which made internet sharing more active in our country?

But this is nothing after Vickie Belo fearlessly face public eyes when she accepted back Hayden as his boyfriend and later her fiance.

The do-not-mind-them fantasy of the two however had arrived to some place it should have been before - breaking up!

Vicki Belo had firmly announced to the public that her relationship with her controversial boyfriend, Hayden Kho is over. Her break-up announcement was made from her twitter account, which reads:

“nancycastilogne you can now openly date @haydenjr . You have my blessings . Hope you’ll both be happy.”

Confirmed Rumors said (through the help of eye witnessessssss) that Hayden Kho and Nancy Castillone had an affair. Both Hayden and Nancy however had denied the allegations, especially Nancy who already have her own family.

Did Vicki Belo really broke up with Hayden Kho because of a third party ?

That is something hard to believe considering the more serious controversy Hayden had before. Remember the multiple part s3x videos of Hayden showcasing different girls ?

So if it's not about Hayden then what causes the break up ?

Entering Al Galang, 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit runner-up and Vicki's own yoga master.

Being separated, Hayden Kho had accused and released a proof that there is really something going between her ex-girlfriend, Vicki Belo and Al Galang.

My handwriting might be hard for your eyes to digest, but know I mean every word. I'll only be gone for two weeks, but that feels like such a long time now because you've become such an important part of my life. In ways, it's starting to revolve around you and I love that.

I'll miss you, but know that I'm right there with you, all the time. I'll call you often ok? Save up the hugs and kisses for when I get back.

Isn't this special?


Did Vicki really broke-up with Hayden because of Al Galang ?


  1. May letter pa talaga pinakita, nakita ko lng to sa balita kahapon. Si Hayden Kho n naman. ^_^