Upnek Of Wiltime Bigtime

Featuring, Upnek of Wiltime Bigtime...

Upnek Caught Audiences Attention

Upnek Wiltime Bigtime

Wiltime Bigtime's Upnek

Wiltime Bigtime has one rising talent which catching bubbly attention.

Entering "Upnek" - a mispronunciation of the words "Up Next" , it appears that a certain dancer of Wiltime Bigtime has a problem pronouncing words especially to those words which has the "S" sounds on it.

We also noticed that when she needs to pronounce words starting with the letter "S", she unwarely adds the letter H after the S. So when she say "Sit back and relax", she'll pronounce it as "Sh*t back and relak".

Sometimes, she pauses just to stress the letter S on the end of the plural words.

No offense, but it is really fun hearing her speaking on the national television.

We've even heard news that when Wiltime Bigtime's host, Mr. Willie Revillame, visited Palawan, most of them are asking where Upnek is, especially the balikbayans.

Upnek is really an added flavor for the show. It is not that we are belittling her, but she's really funny and cute.

If I'll become one of the show's audience, I'll create a banner that says "Upnek, will you marry me?".

But then again, I'm already married, huh!

More power Upnek!

You're so natural.

Have you been seeing her too? Please leave a comment.

We can't find any photo or video regarding Upnek.


  1. meanwhile, the untalented makopa has been given the chance to steal attention.

  2. obviously willie likes makopa a lot.

  3. 97 shares as of today for Upnek? really? =)

  4. makopa is beautiful and sexy, but she's not for tv, she's a lot worst than shalani.