SamVon, Sam & Devon - Sam Concepcion & Devon Seron Duet

Duet of Sam Concepcion and Devon Seron hits the internet, trends on twitter Philippines...

Sam Concepcion And Devon Seron Sings Di Ko Masabi Sa Iyo In Duet

SamVon Sam Concepcion Devon Seron

XamVon, Sam Concepcion and Devon Seron Love Team

Sam Concepcion and Devon Seron love team has becoming a ceritified hit on the Philippine television after it became evident online by being a trending topic on twitter Philippines.

SamVon DiKoMasabiSaIyo Tere&Migoy’ made its way on twitter Philippines top trending topic last Tuesday, last week. It appears that the duet of the two was a big hit aong their fans.

Both Sam Concepcion and Devon Seron played on the afternoon drama series "Angelito: Batang Ama", portraying as Migoy and Tere.

Below is the embedded youtube video of SamVon, Sam and Devon, uploaded by username: AngelitoBatangAma.

The said youtube video has been viewed 6,005 as of this writing and has 51 likes and 2 dislikes.


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