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The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) launched the Online Application System (OAS) pilot testing at Baguio City...

How To Apply For Examination Online At PRC

PRC Online Application System Launched For Pilot Testing

Last February 10, 2012 - Thursday, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) had announced the successful launched the pilot testing for the Online Application System (OAS) on two universities, Baguio and Cordillera University.

According to the announcement by the PRC, they had tested the OAS last February 1 and 3, 2012 for the examinees for the Criminologists March 2012 examination.

The OAS gave the exam applicants to apply online anytime, anywhere at their full convinience. PRC stressed that the applicants just need to go online and not in line - now that is really a good news especially nowadays that computers with internet access is very accessible, virtually any place nationwide.

What's the feedback?

The applicants who participated on the OAS pilot testing was positively overwhelmed with the proposed system saying that it is user friendly, a faster way to do it and more convinient.

The pilot testing was successful, what's next then?

Commissionet Jennifer Manalili who led the OAS pilot testing announced that the nursing students attended on the Nursing Congress on Baguio City that the scheduled Nursing Licensure Examination for June 2012 are the next to test the Online Application System.

We, the team just hope that the site of PRC had been prepared for this new system, knowing that their website is known to experience downtimes when users try to access their site at once, one example is on times where board examination results were released.

This is a promising system, the team wants to give salute to the PRC for this good innovation. Something to point that they aren't sleeping to their job.

Keep it up!

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