PNoy and Grace Lee Confirmed Dating

Philippine President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III revealed that he and Grace Lee are officially dating, is she really the one? read full story here...

President PNoy Aquino Admits He Currently Dates Grace Lee

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President PNoy Aquino And Grace Lee Are Officially Dating

It all started last June 27 of last year when president Aquino attended the inauguration of Korean Electric Power Corporation's or KEPCO, 100 Megawatts coal based power plant in barangay Colon, in Cebu.

On his speech on that occasion, the president said: "Bago ho ako magumpisa mayroon lang akong itatanong kay Governor Gwen sana, kung puwe-puwede ho. Gov. Gwen: mahimo bang mangutana nganu man sa kada bisita nako dinhi sa Cebu, mas daghang gwapa apil si Governor Gwen,". In which he immediately switched his twinkling eyes to Grace Lee.

Cutting the chase, it looks like the romance between the two has been developing. Though the sniffing mediamen are always on red alert to the president's love life - but it looks like everything were happening under the hood.

Earlier this week, a confirmed report has been published all over the local media that the Philippine President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III and Grace Lee are indeed dating. And we are cancelling the rumors here because everything came from the horse's mouth - no other than the president himself.

PNoy when asked during the anniversary celebration of the Philippine Information Agency in Quezon City about the status of him and Grace Lee, PNoy revealed - "Well, we are seeing each other."

This however, gathered some negative reactions from nitizens. They said that the president is stealing time amidst the nation's drastic economy. Ow com'n, can we at least give him a break? He's not getting any younger and I am sure he's old enough to know time management.

The thing is, we are sure that no one can stop love. SUre being the president means public service and self sacrifice, but have a heart, it's not that he's throwing the country, right?

No offense, but she looks like she's better than ....., you know who.

While report said that Kris Aquino is excited about it, Grace Lee on the other hand had never confirmed the issue yet.


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