Pedro Calungsod As Next Filipino Saint

Another Filipino saint was confirmed to be beatified as a full pledge Catholic saint as announced by the Vatican officials, Pedro Calungsod will be...

Pedro Calungsod Confirmed To Be The Second Filipino Saint

Pedro Calungsod Filipino Saint

Vatican Confirmed Pedro Calungsod As Saint

After Lorenzo Ruiz who born on Binondo Manila had became saint on February 18, 1981, another Filipino has been confirmed to be the next saint of Catholicism after the Vatican had set the canonization of Pedro Calungsod on October 21 of the current year.

[ Next Filipino Saint - Pedro Calungsod ]

Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints had confirmed the canonization of Pedro Calungsod and six others last February 19, 2012 (Philippine Time) after the mass of Pope Benedict XVI.

“Filipino lay catechist and martyr” was the words used to described Calungsod by the Vatican officials during the announcement.

Pedro Calungsod, a Cebuano born missionary who was killed in Guam in 1672 was set to be proclaimed as a saint more than a decade after being beatified by Pope John Paul II way back in 2000.

Pedro Calungsod is set to be an official saint for the Catholics this year, 24 years after the first Filipino saint was beatified.

Calungsod was killed at the age of 18 on Guam after a certain Chinese named Choco accused Calungsod and his group of putting poisons to the locals on a baptism ritual.

Pedro Calungsod went to Guam after he accompanied Diego Luis de San Vitores and led the locals to follow the Catholic faith. The two then suffered persecution from their critics.


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