Pauleen Luna Jealous On A Dancer Over Vic Sotto

Pauleen Luna had a confrontation with a Eat Bulaga dancer over jealousy issue, read full story here...

Pauleen Luna Irks Dancer Over Jealousy Issue

Pauleen Luna Dancer Vic Sotto

Pauleen Luna versus Dancer

First, the rumor between bossing Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna surfaced the internet. Some confirmed it, some just kept quite.

However, confirmed stories looks like confirms the relation between Vic and Pauleen.

A report said that Pauleen Luna confronted an "Eat Bulaga Dancer", yup - no typo there, you really read "dancer" there. The story said that Pauleen Luna had an argument with the dancer because she is jealous, report said that Vic Sotto is showing interest on the dancer in which Pauleen got angry of.

Although the true relationship of Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna wasn't confirmed publicly by either party, but it is said that their relationship is not hidden on their co-host and close friends on showbiz.

Though they said that based on the actions that they are seeing, Vic Sotto is serious to Pauleen Luna, but this issue will surely raise eyebrowse, or unless the dancer issue was baseless.

Well, all we can do is to wait and see right?

Please do expect that we will be giving you updates regarding this controversy.


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