Pauleen Luna Collapsed On Eat Bulaga - February 10, 2012

Watch the video on Eat Bulaga episode last Friday - February 10, 2012, where Pauleen Luna collapsed, watch the video here...

Pauleen Luna Collapsed On Eat Bulaga - February 10, 2012 Episode

Pauleen Luna Eat Bulaga Collapse Video

Pauleen Luna Lost Consciousness On Eat Bulaga Last Friday

Is she pregnant ?

We're pretty sure that it's the most fit introduction for this post.

First, we all hear rumors that Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto has something cooking between them. This however was neither denied nor confirmed by both camps, their close friends' lips seems sealed too. That's when the movie "Enteng Ng Ina Mo" is still showing, we believe that they just don't want Pauleen to steal the scene from the movie.

After the Metro Manila Film Festival, it seems like that the sweet relationship between Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto had becoming more open on the showbiz world.

Everything had become more clearer after Pauleen Luna was accussed of being a gold digger after she was tagged with a controversy about a house she owned which alledgedly came from her sugar daddy, in which rumors connects Vic Sotto.

Pauleen then denied that it came from Vic. But the thing is, she never deny that Vic and her have an intemate relationship.

But it looks like everything is getting more transparent after the recent incident from Eat Bulaga.

On Eat Bulaga's episode last Friday, February 10, 2012, Pauleen Luna collapsed while they are having a live telecast.

During the show, while hosting "Juan for All, All for Juan" segment with Allan K on Davao City, Pauleen City suddenly collapsed - the thing is .... it was shown on the national television, live.

While Allan K is talking to the contestant in Davao City, Pauleen is holding her microphone for the contestant where she suddenly fell towards the front. The camera man then pointed the shot to Pauleen unconsiouly lying on the pavement while Paulo Ballesteros and Allan K helped Pauleen Luna to get up.

Rumors said that Vic Sotto got angry with the camera man who captured one's embarrasing moment instead of helping Pauleen.

After Pauleen fell, Allan K immediately told the national television that Pauleen has been on his house since 2 a.m. that morning before going to Davao City, and lack of sleep may have caused the incident.

On the studio, Vic Sotto suddenly stopped the show in which leaving GMA-7 who's caught off guard (or still confused with the incident) showing confusing videos for about 20 seconds.

Filipino, quick minded as they are immediately suspected that Pauleen is pregnant - the very reason of her being unconcisous.

Is she really ?

We think that it shouldn't be the question right now. What we suppose to ask is, is she now alright ?

Because if she is really indeed pregnant, then she should not do stressful task like that, especially if it requires travelling.

We, the team wishes Pauleen Luna to recover to her prime as soon as possible, and if she's pregnant, then... congratulations!


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