Mr. Bean Is Dead ?

Mr. Bean was killed, but only on twitter...

Mr. Bean Is Dead - Rumors

Mr. Bean Dead Twitter Hoax

Mr. Bean Died On Twitter

Mr. Bean is dead.

Yup ! But it is only twitter and not in real life.

It appeared that a certain Filipino named Michael Robert Meras had posted this message on his twitter account: "RIP Rowan Atkinson". This simple post had quickly became viral that was shared by other twitter users who picked-up and retweet the message. This then became viral after an unknown huge numbers of local and international twitter users echoed the death news.

However, everything appeared to be just a plain joke. But not only after the hash tag "RIP Rowan Atkinson" had used to spread the message.

"I never thought my tweet about RIP Rowan Atkinson would be that viral, it has gone worldwide. It was just a joke. Galit na sa akin ngayon ang buong mundo, baka ma-ireport na Twitter ko
Meras later explained that he just saw the "RIP Rowan Atkinson" message on facebook and decided to put it on her twitter account.

Rowan Atkinson, a british actor who became popular for his role as Mr. Bean was few of the victims on internet hoaxes. Mr. Bean is one of those that had been killed-off online via death rumors which was started by online citizens.

This case however was among few of those where the origin of the message was pinpointed.

It is unclear if the british actor, Rowan Atkinson, - Mr. Bean will press any charges to the Filipino twitter user. As of this time, no reaction is still made public from Mr. Bean.


  1. patay ka ngayong gago ka meras... umpisahan mo na humimas ng rehas

  2. tang ina ka ginawan mo pa ng storya ang idol ko, dahil sa kabobohang taglay mo madaming nalungkot, dapat sinabi mo nlang sa twitter na ikaw ang namatay tanga