Melai And Jason Break Up 2012

Melai and Jason break-up rumors, she confirmed that they haven't talked for a week. Then, is it true or not? read more...

Melai and Jason Break Up 2012 Rumors

Melason Break Up 2012

As much as we want to surprise you with this news, we're sure we can't. Melai and Jason break up 2012 is surely something that had became redundant over time after hearing Melai and Jason break up news numerous times from the past.

Based on the history however, both parties especially Melai who had the more television exposure always denying the break-up rumors, saying that it is plainly what it is, a rumor.

But it looks like it is different this time.

Melai and Jason break up looks like it's real after Melai herself revealed that they haven't talk for a week. Melai however did not clarified the reason of their misunderstanding.

Melason break up started to get viral over networking sites, twitter and facebook.

So it's from the horse's mouth - Melai herself who admitted that their real life relationship is on the rocks right now. But what makes it different right now and why are they saying that they had really broke-up?

Third party ?

Introducing Kaye Abad, the sweet girl who came from "Ang TV". According to unconfirmed but noisy rumors, it was Kaye Abad who had came in between the real life sweethearts.

What's Kaye Abad reaction on this ?

Both Kaye Abad and Jason Francisco however denied that anything romantic is happening between them and that they just became close because they both work in the ABS-CBN afternoon soap Angelito.

Earlier on ABS-CBN's "The Buzz", Toni Gonzaga had boldly confirmed that there is really a serious misunderstanding between Melai and Jason after she personally talked to Melai regarding the matter.

Boy Abunda, being sensible as he is, said that we must not put pressure on the two. Sure that it is very hard to imagine that the two will take separate ways especially that we all get to use of their tandem. Boy Abunda said that we should respect their decision, wait, and let them not force themselves just because the fans want them together.

Melai and Jason rose to fame after they became the favorite of the masses on the Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 - Double Up.

In conclusion --- what's the score? Is it true or not?

Well, all we can do is to wait and see what will happen. Whatever it is, it will surely become public knowing that they're one of the popular love team on the Philippine television.


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