Lea Salonga & James Ingram's Valentine Concert

Lea Salonga And James Ingram Valentine Concert - Manila, Philippines...

Lea Salonga's Valentine Concert With James Ingram

Valentine Concert At Manila - Lea Salonga & James Ingram

Our very own Lea Salonga and James Ingram will be having a Valentine concert here in the Philippines.

Knowing that your kababayan will be performing with a caliber performer, especially if he's an American musician is a great thing. And to take note, we mean musician as being a well known vocalist who had a gold record album in the U.S., a self taught piano, bass, guitar, drums and keyboard player.

However, Lea Salonga was thrown with controversy because she picked to be with a foreigner instead of joining her fellow Filipino for a Valentine concert. Lea was critized by Filipino nitizens for favoring someone abroad.

Should she really be condemed for this?

Not so quick, Lea Salonga on the news earlier tonight said "Wala akong paki-alam!", addressing her critics and said that the people are matured enough to know where to go for their Valentine evening.

“Come up with a product that can exceed the quality of shows that are coming in [from abroad]. The concert going public knows well enough what they want, what they like, and where they wanna go.” - Lea told reporters on a separate interview.

And why will she perform with James Ingram?

“I’d like to think of it this way: I am good enough to compete with anyone in the world. You pit me against someone like him [James] – put me in a show with him – and I won’t be a shrinking violet. I won’t hesitate to step up because here is someone who has sold millions of records and won Grammys. I mean, this guy is amazing so I want to perform with him,” -Lea added.

According to mb.com.ph, a reliable source said that ticket sales for Lea Salonga ang James Ingram Valentine concert started to kick faster after people found out that Lea will be guesting the concert. That would mean that it is not really the issue of a foreigner versus our local talents but it is Lea Salonga against none other than but her fellow Filipino artists.

Lea clarified further by putting her self on the the shoes of the public.

“Alam ko kung sino ang magaling at hindi magaling, whether foreign or local [artist]. I know when I can be guaranteed a good time so I will choose [a show by] an artist kung saan ako magiging masaya. It’s my hard-earned peso, after all, so I wanna spend it where I’m gonna get more bang,” -a firm Lea said.

But what is really the reason why she will be performing with James Ingram and not with our own local artists?

Lea admitted that it is only the James Ingram concert whom she had an offer for this Valentine show but she dispells rumors that she is hard to deal with.

“And if you know my worth, it’s very easy. Hindi ako mahirap kausapin kung professional mo akong kakausapin,” she said. “I have the highest respect for that kind of usapan, yung professional.” -Lea clarified.

Catch Lea and James concert this February 17 at Smart Araneta Coliseum and at the Waterfront Hotel Cebu on February 18.


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