Kris Aquino & James Yap Now Annulled

The marriage of Kris Aquino and James Yap is now officially null and void after the Makati Regional Trial Court had granted...

Kris Aquino And James Yap Now Officially Annulled

Kris Aquino James Yap Annulment

Annulment Of Marriage Of Kris Aquino And James Yap Now Official

It's now official, Kris Aquino and James Yap are now both single.

It all started after a controversial third party issue over television talk-show host and actress Kris Aquino and the basketball player James Yap, in which Kris Aquino had filed an annulment petition for their marriage last August 9, 2010. After less than six months, the petition of annulment has been granted.

The Makati Regional Trial Court has granted Kris Aquino’s petition to nullify her marriage to basketball star James Yap. It can be recall that the two got married on July 10, 2005.

According to the report from ABS-CBN newscast Bandila, Kris Aquino said that “lack of authority of the solemnizing officer” was the reason used as the ground of annulment.

The court awarded Kris Aquino the custody of their son, Baby James or Bimbi, in which will still carry the last name of his biological father. On the other hand, James Yap was given the right to visit their son on weekends.

On the financial matters, the two will devide their wealth equally, in which wealth was defined as anything that they aqcuire after the marriage. According to report, Kris Aquino had a net of 300 million while James Yap has 50 million.

So, did James Yap earned after this arrangement?

In response to this question, his counsel firmly said "No" on an interview and that James Yap happily chanted "Yes, single na uli ako!".

Here's the side dish, did you noticed how fast the annulment went? Carmina Villaroel took four years on her annulment case to Rustom Padilla. Well, it's all for the good anyway, we are just hoping that all case will be this fast, even though your not the president's sister.


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